Where It All Began


Blessed to be living  down the block from a beautiful court. This is where it all began. At the age of 14, after school, I would get to the park early to make sure I was picked. Often being the youngest person on the court, I knew I would be lucky to get one game in as a loss usually meant I’d wait about an hour since the court was  filled with “Next”. In the summer, my friends and I would bike here and play in the middle of a brutal Miami heat. There was a great sense of pride when we would beat the older guys and ran the court for three or four games. We met several interesting characters that, to this day, get brought up in conversation. This court offered a lot of life lessons where young men had to learn how to hold their own.

However, on most Sundays the court would be empty and this became my sanctuary. With just my thoughts and a basketball, I would daydream about my future. I would often wager with myself that if the next shot went in, I would make the basketball team that year or go out with the prettiest girl in school and even if I missed, I’d get the rebound and give myself a mulligan (I hope this is normal behavior for a 14 year old). It also helped me deal with school stress and helped take my mind off of it. Looking back at it, studying was probably a better option. I still go to this court five to six times a year; it brings back that feeling of ease, that no matter how stressful life is, there is always some time to step back and get some shots up. I’m trying to keep these posts short, but it’s hard to write so little about a court where I learned so much.


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