Clay Square – Chippewa Street Basketball Court, NOLA

There isn’t a court that I feel better describes New Orleans than this one. The colors of the court and the nearby houses give it a very spirited look. Then, you add the greenery of the trees with the surrounding field and you are filled with this energy the city gives off. I can only assume NBA star Chris Paul restored this court while he was here playing for the Hornets because his name was inscribed on the baseline. I did some research and although his charity has donated over $250,000 to New Orleans, I couldn’t find a direct link to this specific court. Anyways, the best part of this court might be the location, as you are just a few blocks away from Magazine Street that is filled with good food and drinks. I hope to make my way back to this dynamic city soon.

Fun Fact: This court appeared in Ryan Reynolds’ 2015 movie “Self/less”


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