Tamiami Park – Miami, FL

It’s difficult finding words to describe Tamiami Park to someone who isn’t familiar with Miami. Although this blog is essentially about basketball courts, I like to think that these courts represent their cities and their people. Tamiami Park is the perfect example of this. Young Cuban American and Hispanic kids play the most competitive baseball in the city at this park. The park is lively and loud, with parents cheering their kids on, sometimes going too far because of their emotions toward the game, but it just seems right.


This park has a much deeper meaning to me than just the few baseball tournaments I played here when I was younger or the handful of times I played pick-up basketball games with friends. If you look north from the basketball court, you can see a Cuban Memorial for those who have lost their lives under Cuba’s current communist regime. My grandfather perished fighting for Cuba’s freedom in the Bay of Pigs War in 1961—his name immortalized on the memorial. I’ve always had pride knowing he died for a worthy cause, one he truly believed in. Because of his actions, and those of both my parents’ parents, I’ve been blessed to grow up in America. Memorial Day is a great day to reflect on those who made sacrifices to keep this country free. I’ve included pictures of the Tamiami Memorial as well as another memorial located at Tamiami Airport about 80 blocks south. Hopefully, one day I’ll be able to visit Cuba and get some amazing pictures. Thank you for taking your time to read this and have a blessed Memorial Day.


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